Thursday, January 29, 2009

Red Pill

Nothing to lose is where the freedom is...

The fun, the enjoyment, the RELEASE

It lies where death lies. Same place. Where you decide to give up everything and trust in yourself and live truly and fully in the moment.

It's all good and well to BE in the moment, but to LIVE in it is to be 100% expressive with 100% belief in yourself. No doubt whatsoever. It's to realize that everything you've worked for is worthless other than the fact that it led up to this moment right now, and that everything your working towards in the future will only ever happen if you take hold of the moment NOW and take action toward what you want.

But it takes a leap of faith. You have to trust that the chips will fall exactly where they're supposed to. That the results of this moment couldn't have happened any other way.

Now, in order to be confident enough that things will work out as they're supposed to, which in an ideal world is somewhat similar to how you picture things working out, you have to set yourself up in such a way that you can trust yourself.

Do you trust yourself?

I think I do. Nah, screw that. I KNOW I do.

In fact, should the results be less than ideal... Should I somehow "fail" tonight, the lesson I learn in the twilight will prepare me for tomorrow, and tomorrow I will succeed where before I have failed, if only because I took the chance in the first place.

So it's over. It's all over. Risk it ALL, because in the end it's all worthless anyway.

When you take the red pill and realize it was all for naught anyway, you find release, you find the freedom everyone is so lacking. No matter your age or situation, it's never too late to start living.

Everyone else is stuck in this constant unending equilibrium of mediocrity that is "not dying" when instead they should be "living".

So they preserve the small gains they make. They take the .03% the bank gives them on their savings account because it's a sure bet and they never know what would've happened had they put it all into their dream business. They lay on their death bed betting their last breaths on their kids and their kids' kids hoping the future generations have the guts to take a risk.

There's no time like now to lose it all.

Or, to quote the Klingons, today is a good day to die.

What's your vision? That's the theme for the time being. Find your vision. Find your vision and FOLLOW THAT SH*T until the ends of the earth, because that's what you live for. You live to LIVE, and your vision is how you see yourself living.

So I've defined my purpose, my identity, my values, and a lot of my ongoing 'goals' - but not my vision. And I've been feeling it lately too... a mild lack of direction. People ask me randomly 'what do you want to do with that?' and I provide an answer. I'm not sure I believe myself. They're good answers and they'd be pretty cool, but is it TRULY what I want ? Time to figure that out. Time to throw everything away that doesn't lead to my vision. That might include throwing away a part of my life. Ah well

Sorry life, gotta go live.

Julian Saint Clair

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