Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Thursday Night Deluxe

Another night out... more antics ensue

I realized that picking girls up is a lot of fun (I mean literally... physically lifting them off the ground), both for me and the girl. The other day I picked up 2 girls at once - one in each arm. I personally felt that it was quite awesome.

Oh yeah, here's a funny quote I got from my sister: "I don't have an ego, I just love how awesome I am!"

awesome indeed.

I saw 4 hot lil' cuties at the spot I was at last night. A funny thing that happened is I saw a cute girl, walked up to her and introduced myself and talked about something random for a sec when her friend says, "that's the guy from Saturday!"

I'm thinking, "wtf? oh, man, I need to stop drinking"

"You'll have to tell me your name again. I drink alot"

Anyway, so I saw some cuties. Did I push it with any of them ?


Not really.

By the way, let me go ahead and say that my GOAL here is to simply have fun pushing things to the limit and beyond, doing things I didn't think were possible and living in my own delightful world of wonderment rather than by the rules of society. In all things I remain true to my core values and rules, including being selective and discrete.


I made about 1 or 2 assertive moves on each, and that was that. I didn't escalate it. I think that I need to stop trying to force my game into certain modes but rather game to suit my mood, and if I want my game to be in a certain mode I need to simply change my mood. And remember that by 'game' I mean my self-expression, or in other words the manner in which I'm communicating.

For example, if I'm in a more laid back mood I'm more likely to come off as incongruent if I'm running around picking girls up and high fiving everyone. However, if I WANT to be running around doing crazy stuff, I need to change my mood. I need to tap into that underlying motivation.

But how to do this?

I think I need to spend some serious time playing around with the motivating thought of "how can I make this fun?"

In fact, the theme for the rest of this weekend is "How can I make this fun?"

Combine that with "Live like a 4-year-old" and I think we'll have a blast.

And one final thing to play with for a bit is blatently communicating expectations i.e. "I expect you to be playful and have fun around me."

Lessons Learned:

-Change your mood, not your game.
-Push it to the LIMIT - stay in there and have some fun with it. Do NOT leave
-Stop worrying about where other people are at - just GO
-Cut off all self-regulation and live without inhibitions (of course, stay true to your core values and rules)
-Might want to limit myself to 3 drinks or something...


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