Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lollipop Party Recap

I had to go early and help decorate.

Big thank you to the two lovely ladies who put in the time with me to add a little extra flavor to the night.

But it still took a while so I had to go home and get ready. I was behind schedule.

Matt hits me up:

Where's your list?
I just got home, emailing it soon

Hurry up dude it's already 7 pages and it's after 10 o clock

I'm about to send you 5 more pages.

Yes, it was that long.

I get the list sent, I don't have time to cut my hair, just a lineup, shower, eat a hasty sammich and I'm at the club by 11:20. I roll up with a can of soda half-full with liqour that I took the time to pour on the way out. The lines are HUGE.
Both the VIP and the regular line are the biggest I've ever seen at Heavens.
The GM's outside, I say what's up to him
This is HUGE man. It looks good
It's been like this since 10:30
Niiice. I kill my "soda" and go inside.

The place is packed, absolutely packed. It's hot as HELL in there, which is ironic because it's called Heavens.

But it looked great. People were sucking on lollipops. Girls were wearing hot dresses, I saw multiple guys in suits and even more wearing button ups and ties. People were drinking drinks and having fun. It looked good.

I snapped a few pics from VIP. You can see that it was wall 2 wall

The GM is talking to me about VIP sales. We had this genius plan to sell out VIP. $35 gets you a VIP wristband and 3 drink tickets and you skip the line - a great deal if you ask me, 3 drinks alone are usually $35+

I promoted it, people knew about it. However, no one really knew HOW to buy it. We even had a sign that said "Candyland VIP $35", but people were clueless.

We still made several sales, but I clearly wasn't about to spend my night being a salesman. That's not my job. However, my job was to help make VIP LOOK good, and that I did:

And the DJ was playing CUTS. Shout out to DJ Mr. Supreme for hooking it up. He pulled no punches. And I only heard Lil Wayne's Lollipop maybe twice. He had this long 'Candy' set he played, songs about candy and what not, culminating in an extended remix of Lollipop.


Somebody got on the mic, saying how live the crowd was and how cool the party was, the best they'd ever seen at Heavens. I had NO idea who was on the mic, I went to go see, and lo and behold it's Mr. Supreme. I've *NEVER* heard him get on the mic, he shouted out the crowd and kept it jumpin.

All in all, it was a great experience. Special thanks to everyone who was a part of it, especially Soul Gorilla who made it all happen.

Keep your ear out for the next one, and PLEASE people, email me any pics you might have at My pic-taking skillz are lacking at the moment, I need to step it up.

Til next time... Peace!


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