Thursday, January 29, 2009

MIA... or what was left of it

MIA… or what was left of it

Ah yes, Miami was glory times indeed.

I caught a tan and avoided catching VD, whom I'm sure was lurking in the shadows somewhere looking for unsuspecting mancationers.

Anyway, our last night in Miami we were all kind of pooped.

That's because we did it SO big the night before. Absolutely epic. The bards will sing the tales of Miami Mancation 2008 for years to come. We were truly the life of the party.

(hopefully pics from that night will surface soon)

But that was Saturday. This was Sunday.

Fear not! We pulled it together and went out one final night. We went to Opium/Prive and had a good time in VIP.

But my energy was low. I kept telling myself "ok self, just keep drinking vodka redbull and you'll be fine."

Great idea. The last clear memory I have of the night is downing one last vodka redbull.

Fortunately I was smart enough to pull over the girl next to us in VIP who had a camera. She took a couple of flix, including this one:

Pete did a good job of looking mostly sober in that one.

And what's that in his hand? Yes! Vodka redbull.

Rick Ross was there. So was Trina.

And no, for those of you who know the story of Trina's hopeless lust for a naiive young schoolboy, I did not rekindle our love. She was so surrounded by a thousand goons that I literally didn't even SEE her, let alone lock eyes with her and capture her in the notorious gaze of desire/tractor beam of hotness.

All in all, a good time was had by all. When more pics arrive magically in my mailbox from girls I don't even remember, we'll piece together the rest of the story of Miami Mancation 2008.

Lessons Learned:

-Find girls with cameras
-Give them your email address so you can get pix
-Vodka Redbull is no substitute for actual energy, contrary to popular belief


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