Friday, April 18, 2008

Fuck Paying Dues

That's right, I said it

Paying dues is what people who have wasted time toiling tell the newbies

Do you think The Man makes his people pay dues?


In fact, he hooks his people UP. Hardcore. When they need a job they have it, when they need money they have it, when they need ANYthing, they've got it.

All they have to do is not mess it up. It's about paying it forward and passing it on to your friends and family, but not to others. It's about taking care of you and yours.

And the whole 'meritocracy' is contrived. It's entirely made up.

Almost NOTHING is based on merit, on hard work.

It's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know.

For instance, black people are too busy telling the next man that they need to work hard and earn their keep to get where they got in life.

They've gotta pay their dues


Fuck paying dues.

Paying dues is why generation after generation we're right back where we started and progress is always a dream of tomorrow.

So to quote a great mentor of mine, don't be so caught up in your success that you don't share it with others and show them the way.


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