Friday, November 16, 2007

Being Selective and Discrete

Hi guys! Today i wanted to briefly discuss two important qualifiers: being Selective and Discrete, because i've really internalized these two traits lately.

I mean, i've always BEEN selective and discrete, but i never really understood what that meant and how to communicate it, until recently.

Sometimes it's easier to figure things out by looking at it backwards: what if i WASN'T selective and discrete? What does that say about me?

If i weren't selective it says that i'll take anything that comes my way. I'm desperate and needy.

If i weren't discrete that means i'm telling everyone all of my business. That means i'm in dire need of attention to make me feel valuable.

Both of those things imply that deep down inside i feel like i'm worthless.

Well, when you look at it like that, DUH. Of course the opposite sex isn't interested in someone who's not selective or discrete (assuming they are also selective and discrete).

So once your internal compass is aligned and you're coming from the right place, make sure you're communicating these two qualities about yourself. And plz don't try to fake it - the opposite sex is WAAAY too savvy. It's all in the nonverbals.

cheers mates,

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