Friday, January 25, 2008

Life is OVER

Why is your room dirty right now?

It seems like as soon as you clean it, it gets dirty right away. We always find this upsetting.

Our gas tank is empty. We just filled it up the other day. Damn... We're always refilling it.

There's only a little bit of those leftovers still in the fridge. They're so TASTY. Lets save it for later.


Cars are made to be driven.
Gas is made to be burned.
Rooms are made to be dirtied.
Food is made to be eaten.

Everything is ALWAYS getting worse, yet we puny humans strive to hold onto it just a LITTLE BIT LONGER.

We're too busy trying to save ourselves to live life. Too busy trying to preserve something that's made to be enjoyed to the fullest. You don't get to live this life again. You don't get to 'save a little bit for later'. Everything could be gone in the BLINK OF AN EYE.

Don't you understand this? You don't, i know. It's hard. It's so very hard... but TRY.


And it's not that you can die. Sure, mortality is all around you. You can die at any time, we all know this. But it's more than that. How about this - try this one on for size:

You can have EVERYTHING in your life taken away from you in a heartbeat... but you're still alive. Imagine THAT.

Imagine everything you're familiar with is just GONE. Your job, your house, your car, everything. Imagine yourself moving to another city with like 5 grand and no friends. Your life as you know it, just GONE. But you're still alive. Living.

It's kinda like fight club. You're not your job, you're not your aprartment, you're not your car. You are not your ikea furniture. You are not your fucking khakis.

Everything - GONE. What would you have left? What would you do differently? How would you live if you started your life again with 5 grand and no friends in a new city?

It's time to start living. Be ready to risk everything at the drop of a hat. Tell your boss what you've been wanting to tell them. Tell THEIR boss. Tell your friends, your lovers, your family. Tell everyone exactly what's on your mind. Reputation is MEANINGLESS.

Don't go out of your way to THROW it away. Just never hesitate to RISK it. Put it all on the line, all the time. Balls to the wall, completely out of your mind.

I feel like I just died and I'm living again for the first time. Weird I know. It feels kinda like when you're asleep having a dream and you REALIZE you're having a dream and the fact that you realize it allows you to CONTROL it and now the dream takes a whole new turn. It's like THAT.

It was like before everything had a "handle with care" label on it. Now, I'm ready to throw that shit on the ground just to see what it looks like when it breaks. But not so much self-amusing destruction. More like, USAGE. More like, taking full advantage of what life's offering me. More like, full enjoyment.

I got this brand new shirt and I'm waiting for a special occasion to wear it...


Shirts are made to be worn.
Cars are made to be driven.
Gas is made to be burned.
Rooms are made to be dirtied.
Food is made to be eaten.

Life is made to be LIVED. I'm not saving anything for later.

I'm excited. See you soon.


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